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1) 7 Ways to Leverage Your Business Savvy with Revenue-Generating Business Events

strategic marketing eventMore and more companies are realizing the potential of marketing through events. Events can establish and/or strengthen relationships with your most important clients and employees, producing profound, far-reaching benefits for your vital long-term business relationships. In this presentation, learn how the small cost of an event can increase profitability, reduce loss of clients and employees, and lock-in long-term rapport with your valued clients, employees, vendors, and business partners.





2) Host your Next Business Event to Increase your Sales without being Salesy

Professionals, like you, wonder if hosting an event is worth the time, money, and effort. Did you know that events are more than a good time? You can hold a business event that does more than "WOW" your clients or potential clients. Make it a priority to learn how to turn the next business event you host into a sales explosion for you and your colleagues.

3) Fill in the Missing Link to Successful Business Events - Follow-Up for Prospects, Appointments, and Profits

If you are in business, you surely have heard the phrase "The Fortune is in the Follow-Up". Taking the time to continue the conversation with your professional connections is where business-building happens. Neglecting this part of your event planning is like throwing the money spent on your business event down the drain. Gain prospects, appointments, and profits in the follow-up you conduct after the last guest leaves your business event.


 4) Don't Go It Alone - Rev-Up Your Referral Business

referral eventYou have heard it in business many times – it is not what you know, but who you know that can make a difference in your business. In order to boost your referral business, your clients and colleagues need to know, like, and trust you.That is why it is so important for any business to develop and maintain a strong network of professionals who can help spread the word about your products or services and refer new clients to your business. In this presentation, the curtain is unveiled on the dynamic world of referral marketing.


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