The Charm of Loyalty Programs: 3 Meaningful Ways to Sweet Talk Your Best Fans

Category: Appreciation MarketingPublished on 2015 Aug, 02

Who likes to be taken for granted? No one! The opposite of taking someone for granted is to show appreciation. It simply means to express that you are glad you are connected, that you may have shared experiences together, and that there may be future opportunities for mutual benefit. That is the crux of the proliferation of loyalty programs. Businesses are rewarding their followers and fans when they subscribe to and accumulate points from using their loyalty programs.

Customer loyalty has been identified as an important business metric. In this post, take your loyalty program a step above the rest with 3 meaningful ways to sweet talk your best fans. Some programs already utilize these strategies. Personally, I find these strategies as the real reason I subscribe to so many loyalty or reward programs. At the end of the post, select 1 or more strategies to tweak your loyalty or reward programs so that your clients remain loyal to only your business.


Well, in case you do not know, celebrating birthdays is like a holiday nearly everyday. Not only do I enjoy celebrating my birthday, I enjoy celebrating my friends’ birthdays. As my birthday approaches, I get birthday cards from companies I have done business with. Other businesses send postcards with free offers or special promotions. Then, there are the emails from other businesses with gifts or promotions leading up to my birthday that help build the excitement it.

Recognizing someone’s birthday means you are pushing an emotional button, which is a key way to gain someone’s attention. Although everyone does not have positive emotions around their birthday, the majority tends to enjoy being wished well for such a personal moment. Plus, celebrating birthdays is the main time of year when someone is the center of attention and are a receiver rather than someone who always give to others. This is why a birthday recognition program associated with your loyalty program is sweet music to your fans’ ears.


Have you ever helped a friend or family member celebrate a milestone? Sweet 16? Happy 50th Anniversary? Happy Retirement? or Happy 100th Birthday? With businesses, there are milestones worth noting with your loyalty program subscribers. In order to retain your best clients, it may also be worth reminding them how long the two of you have been together. Also, this is another opportunity to make contact with your fans.

What milestones could a business commemorate? Here are a few examples:

  • Date you first connected, regardless of a purchase or not

  • Date you became a client (turn this into an anniversary)

  • Where you were connected, which presents a geographically focused opportunity

  • Date you purchased a new product or service

  • Date of service renewal  

These milestones are just several ways you can remind your loyalty program subscribers of how much their connection means to you and that you have been their preferred service provider for an extended period of time.

Product- or Service-Driven

Creating mini-communities within your loyalty program or client base has advantages for client retention. No one leaves a service provider who continues to provide value beyond a purchase of a good or service. Based on a commonality, which is typically the foundation for being assembled together, your loyalty program can help your fans maximize their use of your goods and services. Tips, techniques, and unpublished usages are helpful to other subscribers to your business. The video gaming industry is known for mini-communities around specific gaming systems or games.

Finally, when new versions or upgraded goods or services are launched, mini-communities become niche, target markets for your business to tap first. Using your product or service means an implied satisfaction with your business. Offering special promotions or bundles to your fans who stayed with you, rather than saving those promotions for new customers, are also appreciated by these product- or service-driven segments of your fan base.

With these 3 meaningful ways to sweet talk your best fans, you can turn your loyalty or reward programs into a client retention program based on the principles of appreciation and gratitude. By virtue of multiple contacts or touchpoints, you remain top of mind with your clients. Avoid a slow migration of your clients to other service providers with these opportunities of recognition. Sweet talk your best fans with a loyalty program that is personalized and provides marketing opportunities without being salesy.

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