business networkingConnecting with your sphere of influences, like clients, co-workers, and vendors who essentially are your strategic partners, in a fun, relaxed, and comfortable setting is how Occasions To Savor helps you develop and nurture key relationships.  We understand that businesses rely on the quality of relationships and we create opportunities to foster connections and loyalty with potential strategic and referral partners. Ultimately, Occasions To Savor’s goal is to help facilitate brand awareness, strategic partnerships, shorter sales cycles and business sales growth.

Business events, programs, networking and the establishment of good connections within your industry or marketplace are key and usually serve two main goals. First, solid professional relationships and partnerships foster new business and more sales of your products or services. Secondly, quality relationships support your own business operation with an engaged network of raving supporters and referrers. Occasions To Savor helps you facilitate these invaluable connections.

business referral networkOccasions To Savor believes in connecting and empowering business professionals through networking and referral events.  Savvy professionals, like you, know how important referrals or word-of-mouth marketing are.  Unless you have a plan to drive referrals your way, it is like building a house on top of an oil field or sitting on a pot of gold.  Leaving money on the table is not what any small business owner or professional wants! 

We can help you and professionals in your network learn how to capitalize on referrals, design business events to close the referral gap, and use unique tools that connects you to talents and resources for business growth.  Take control of your referral business, strengthen your referral partnerships, and expand your referral business with our personalized referral events.

Receiving qualified referrals, that is information about people who are ready to utilize your goods or services, is not reserved for members of leads or referral groups. Instead, take the next step to gain access to referral marketing support to grow your referral business. By joining the Referral Partner Program, you can secure individual and customized attention with the 12-week Referral Partner Program at, as well as learn the referral best practices. Accelerate your referral success today!



chocolate tasting eventsOccasions To Savor connects people on so many levels including chocolate! With over six years of experience as a Chocolate Entrepreneur, tasting chocolate is not solely for private or personal occasions.  Opportunities to connect over chocolate can happen anytime.  Chocolate can be enjoyed at any time of the day too.  Exchanging pleasantries or bonding over business makes chocolate a fun companion no matter the time of day or the reason for gathering.  If you are open to leaving an incomparable impression, ask how chocolate can be the unforgettable touch to a carefully designed business event for you, your valued clients, and your strategic partners.  

Connecting with Occasions To Savor is Business Savvy.