About Us

Our Start

We are passionate about bringing people together. Starting an event planning business flowed naturally from our spirit to bring people together. We believe a shared, memorable experience promotes the start of meaningful relationships. An event can be the spark needed to take a relationship to a deeper level.  As you know, quality relationships are the foundation for a thriving business.

Initially operating as a general event planning company, we found that business events are more than a good time. Events you host and events you attend can be used as a business development tool – a way to make contact with potential clients and a way to build key relationships. Since most small business owners already host business events, we are excited to upgrade your business events as a strategic business tool that builds relationships important to your business and ignites your business development efforts.

Our Experience

Aimee Wilson - Chief Event StrategistOur Chief Event Strategist, Aimee Wilson, has planned events for nearly two decades. Her love for planning events started at a young age. Her family of six, having one of the biggest backyards in the neighborhood, consistently had cookouts during the summer. All four siblings worked together for a well-run cookout. Being the youngest, she had a simple job. Her job was to ice the sodas, which she loved and looked forward to the task. The family worked hard together but those summertime cookouts brought her family closer together and gave her extended family and friends a good time. Those were some of her fondest childhood memories. At every stage of her life, she joined efforts to bring people together, whether for a fundraiser, conference, training, workshop or special event.

Occasions To Savor developed a unique strategy to leverage your business events for business development and for relationship-building with the relationships that matter most to you and your business. Events bring your desired guests into close proximity creating a captive audience where you can control the message as well as control your costs. Whether it is a small gathering of 5 or 100 people or more, every detail is considered and a unique tone is executed for each business event.

As a small business owner or high-level professional, the money you spend to market your work needs to produce results. With the opportunities we create through planning business events, connecting you to profitable resources or speaking to targeted audiences, Occasions To Savor moves you ahead of your competition with your sales, marketing, operations, financial, or customer service systems.

Our Commitment

We are committed to giving you more than a good time. We energize your business development. We create opportunities for you to shape those key relationships, which are the foundation for growing businesses. Commonality and shared experiences is the spark to growing and deepening relationships that matter to your professional network.

Every business is different. We uncover your unique needs. Listening to your individual needs, we partner with you to create memorable, shared experiences for you and the people important to your business.

We produce lasting results. Achieving results beyond your business event is what builds businesses. That means ongoing contact with key relationships. Your business event communicates who you are and what is important to you. We support your brand and your unique point of view. We leverage your business savvy.